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D.M. Higgins, editor


Superdames Comics is currently accepting submissions! We're looking for contributors to the ongoing JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH anthology series, and we're open to other proposals as well. Please note that JILL TRENT stories are currently limited to 8-12 pages and must be self-contained stories (not "to be continued"). We accept both pitches from writers and portfolios for review from artists and colorists.

All submissions must include the following:

  • Writers: a cover letter introducing yourself, a few short writing samples, a logline for your pitch, and a short (1-2 page) description of your proposed story, along with our submission agreement (click here to download it). Any submissions that do not include the submission agreement will not be reviewed.
  • Artists: a cover letter introducing yourself and a link to or attachment of your portfolio containing 5-8 pages of inked sequential art (i.e., comic book-style narrative artwork, not pin-ups).
  • Colorists: ​a cover letter introducing yourself and 5-8 pages of colored artwork that shows your coloring work over more than one artist.

​Writer/artists who want to pitch a story that they will both write and draw should include all submission materials required for both writers and artists. 

Keep in mind that Superdames Comics seeks to highlight and celebrate female characters in comics. Please submit material that best represents the type of work you'd like to do for us.

All submissions may be e-mailed to:


Q:Will I be compensated for my work?

A: Yes, all contributors whose work is chosen to be published are paid.

Q:Is there a deadline for submissions?

A: We're currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis. That means you can submit at any time, and we'll review each submission as it comes in. First-come, first-served.

Q: What are you looking for in a Jill Trent story?

A: Besides being entertaining, or surprising, or thoughtful, or thrilling? The JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH anthology series is currently aimed at an all-ages audience. Note that this does not mean "only children" — it means adults AS WELL AS younger readers. We're generally interested in stories that are upbeat. The Jill Trent stories we've published generally mix at least some elements of science fiction, humor, action-adventure, mystery, and/or romance genres. The concept of the anthology allows each creative team to redesign and reimagine Jill & Daisy in their own way. However, we generally try to make sure that Jill & Daisy "feel" like they are the same people with mostly the same personalities in every story, even though their visual appearance may change from story to story. Stories that make use of at least some "real-world" scientific elements and principles are also strongly encouraged. 

Q: What are you NOT looking for in a Jill Trent story?
A: 1.) We currently prefer each story to be confined to a single time period, dimension, and "version" of the characters. This means we'd like to avoid time travel, parallel dimensions, mirror Jills, etc. This is because the experience of reading a single volume of our Jill Trent book will already take the reader through multiple different time periods and versions of the character, and we'd like to avoid replicating that WITHIN a single story in the book.

2.) We currently prefer to avoid stories where either Jill or Daisy gets captured and/or needs to be rescued.

3.) We currently prefer to avoid stories where Jill encounters alien races, magic, or mythological beings, so that Jill remains grounded in a quasi-realistic (albeit sci-fi) version of the "real" world.

Q: I've never published anything before! Can I still submit?
A: Absolutely! Your writing sample or art portfolio does not necessarily need to be published work. It should, however, reflect your storytelling ability.

Q: Does my writing sample have to be fiction?
A: Not necessarily. But the writing sample(s) should preferably reflect the type of work you'd like to do for us, so we can get a sense of your storytelling voice and style.

Q:I want to do something other than Jill Trent. Can I submit other ideas?

A: Yes. We're currently open to other proposals as well.